Artifact & Gear

The artifact path essentially isn't as big of a deal now since everyone is at the maximum artifact knowledge now and you can easily fill out the entire weapon and get to Concordance of the Legionfall within a couple of hours of hitting level 110. But in the off chance you care, here is the artifact path you should do initially as a Fury Warrior:

Starting Out Fresh

  1. Just follow the arrows completing the red arrow first all the way from Odyn's Fury to Helya's Wrath.
  2. Then the blue arrow to pick up Juggernaut.
  3. Then the green arrow to Rage of the Valarjar
  4. Then pick up Sense Death
  5. Then follow the light blue arrow to pick up Wild Slashes and Uncontrolled Rage.
  6. And lastly pick up Bloodcraze.


35 Point and Onwards

After filling out the initial 34 points in your tree. This is how you should fill out the rest of your points up until your 51st trait. Follow the numbered arrows. The reason you grab Unrivaled Strength, Wrath and Fury, and Raging Berserker is because grabbing those 3 will grant you more upfront power right away.

Your 52nd trait and onwards will be placed into Concordance of the Legionfall (a paragon trait that gives very small increases in power for each additional point).

Video description of the path from 35 points and onwards.


In regards to relics, there are too many factors to have a set in stone list of what relic will always beat out which relic. The best thing to do is to sim your relics and the potential relic upgrades, and see which one comes out with higher dps. Wrath and Fury used to be the 2nd best, but with Tier 21 and Bloodbath, we no longer rely on Raging Blow for the majority of our damage so the value of it has fallen.

If your relics are equal ilvls however, this is the general order how of they stack up (though you should always sim your relic choices):

  1. Unrivaled Strength
  2. Raging Berserker
  3. Unstoppable
  4. Wrath and Fury
  5. Deathdealer
  6. Wild Slashes
  7. Uncontrolled Rage
  8. Pulse of Battle
  9. Bloodcraze and Battle Scars are the same

Even though some people have started to replace their Convergence of Fates (it's still Best in Slot for many), Unrivaled Strength is still the clear winner when it's the same iLevel. Even if you don't have a CoF, Unrivaled Strength should still win out for most characters. Unrivaled Strength is also the best relic in terms of aoe burst, with Raging Berserker being 2nd best for aoe and single target.


Similarly to Relics, there isn't a de facto bis gear setup for every piece of gear and a lot of times you will have to sim your different gear setups to see which is the best.

With that being said, the absolute best trinkets are one of the two pantheon trinkets (Aman'Thul's Vision and Khazgoroth's Courage), Convergence of Fates, and a high iLevel Unstable Arcanocrystal. Most people won't have an Arcanocrystal of course. Some other notable trinkets are Seeping Scourgewing from Antorus for single target and Umbral Moonglaives from Tomb of Sargeras for aoe (though Forgefiend's Fabricator can keep up on a long aoe fight like Antoran High Command).


As far as Legendary items are concerned, they should also be simmed to see which one fits your current gear the best. The 3 best legendaries for single target are the helm, Ceann-ar Charger, the pants, Valarjar Berserkers, and the Massacre Ring, Soul of the Battlelord, so sim them with your character to see which is the best with your current setup. The pants and Massacre Ring are generally best with Bloodbath and the helm + pants are generally best with Inner Rage. The belt, Naj'entus's Vertebrae, will be the best for aoe.