This is the most popular raiding talent setup because so many Nighthold fights have adds that can be tagged in order to proc War Machine.

This is the best talent setup for pure single target. For when you can't proc War Machine in a fight.

This is the best Mythic+ grinding setup for most dungeons, especially if you have the whirlwind belt. You can take Avatar if you don't have the belt or if the dungeon doesn't have too much aoe packs such as a higher M+ Court of Stars (where you solo pull enforcers and mini bosses).


Starting off the guide, let's first take a look at talents since these choices will impact our spell priority/rotation in the rest of the guide.

There are a few talent options that you can take, but most of the adjustments you want to make will be for the first 4 rows of talents. Currently for Patch 7.2, Frothing Berserker, Inner Rage, and Reckless Abandon will generally be the best for single target, burst aoe, and sustained aoe. The combination of these 3 talent choices working in tandem is way too strong at the moment for other talents in these last 3 rows to shine. With that being said, there are some choices we can make within the first 3 talent rows.

War Machine is a really powerful talent since it gives you 30% haste (and 30% movement speed) for 15 seconds, which is actually the exact same amount of haste as Bloodlust would give you. You would only need 3 procs of War Machine in a fight to essentially get double lust (Bloodlust is 40 seconds).

The sims above are calculated using default fury warrior sims on single target for 5 minutes. Endless Rage only gives you around 2% more dps versus not having a talent at all. Which is why for most fights and content where you can proc War Machine, War Machine is the talent of choice.

Generally, in a raid setting, there will be better aoe stuns than Shockwave (such as demon hunter stun), so we mostly take Double Time for raiding set ups. Shockwave does have it's uses in Mythic+ and dungeons, and Storm Bolt can be useful for pvp.

The choice in the level 45 talent really depends on whether or not you have the Legendary Belt, Naj'entus's Vertebrae, and if there will be constant aoe cleave in the fight (in which case Wrecking Ball should be picked). Avatar should be picked if there will be burst aoe (that you can line up with Avatar) or if it's a single target fight.

Warpaint is no longer necessary since it only reduces our damage taken while enraged to 15% from 20%, and Bounding Stride will add  even more mobility to our kit.