Starting off the guide, let's first take a look at talents since these choices will impact our spell priority/rotation in the rest of the guide.

In Patch 7.3.2, with the addition of Tier 21's 2 piece and 4 piece bonus, Bloodbath actually becomes the best talent in the level 90 row (even for single target), beating out Inner Rage.

If you do not have 4 piece Tier 21 however, Inner Rage will generally still be the best for single target. However, if there is enough sustained aoe for you to be using Whirlwind much more than Raging Blow, then Bloodbath can be a very strong aoe talent even without Tier 21. Let's break down each row of talents individually first.

First Row of Talents (Level 15)

War Machine is a really powerful talent since it gives you 30% haste (and 30% movement speed) for 15 seconds, which is actually the exact same amount of haste as Bloodlust would give you. You would only need 3 procs of War Machine in a fight to essentially get double lust (Bloodlust is 40 seconds). This is the go to talent for aoe fights.

Endless Rage is the go to talent for single target fights without sufficient adds to proc War Machine on. This is the "safest" talent to go for since War Machine requires you to constantly proc the buff as many times as you can, and Fresh Meat loses value, the more raiders that die in a progression fight. Endless Rage only provides around 2% increased damage versus not having the talent at all.

Fresh Meat had some sparks of brilliance with Tier 20 initially but with a heavy focus on Execute phase with Tier 21, this talent has lost a lot of value. This talent does provide a lot of upfront damage in the first 20% of a boss fight. Of course, you want to be weary of how strong this talent "sims" since the first 20% of the bosses' hp could go down pretty fast since everyone is using pre-pots and you might be lusting on pull. If you're still wearing Tier 20 and haven't upgraded to Tier 21, you can try out this talent on singlet target fights where you're not lusting on pull and see how it works out for you when compared to Endless Rage.

Sims above are calculated using an edited version of the default apl and uses a 5 minute single target fight. The apl that I used can be found in this google doc. There are no adds, so look at "War Machine" as constant of how much dps you would do without any of these 3 talents.

Second Row of Talents (level 30)

Shockwave was nerfed in a previous patch to only stun for 3 seconds, making it less needed in a raid environment. Generally in raids, aoe stuns from other classes such as Demon Hunters are better since the duration of their stuns are much longer. Though, if you are missing those big aoe stuns in your raid group, this talent should still be used to provide the necessary crowd control on applicable fights. Shockwave is a must take on Mythic+ however. The cooldown reduction you get for hitting 3 or more targets is still one of the best aoe stuns in the game for Mythic+ since you can pretty much have stun up for every pack.

Storm Bolt is mainly used for pvp and doesn’t do enough damage to justify taking it, even our weakest filler ability, Furious Slash, does way more  damage.

Double Time is pretty much my go to talent for raids since it provides a lot of added mobility that lets you zoom around the map. As long as there are multiple targets in a fight, we can be very mobile. There’s 2 rules to doing high dps as a Fury Warrior: Don’t Die, and Be in Melee Range. And this talent allows us to be in melee range as often as possible.

Third Row of Talents (Level 45)

Wrecking Ball should be used for any constant aoe fights, and especially if you're have the Legendary Belt, Naj'entus's Vertebrae (the synergy between Wrecking Ball and the Legendary Belt is insane). Also, this talent should generally be used for most Mythic+ dungeons unless it's a high tyrannical key.

Outburst is too weak, so it's not used in any situation.

Avatar should be your go to talent for single target fight, burst aoe, and 2 target cleave. Basically, if you're not wearing the legendary belt, you're taking Avatar. The 20% damage increase with this buff stacks very well with the other buffs that we have.

Fourth Row of Talents (Level 60)

Furious Charge is really only used for leveling and the Agatha encounter. The heal is nice, but you're not going to output more healing than your healers. If you were worried about dying, then Warpaint  would be better anyways.

Bounding Stride is generally my go to talent for raids due to the added mobility it provides by giving us a speed boost and reducing the cooldown on Heroic Leap.

Warpaint just reduces the additional damage we take during Enrage from 20% to 15%. This talent isn't really necessary in any of the raids in Legion, but for pushing higher M+ especially on Tyrannical weeks, this 5% reduction in damage could mean the difference of getting one shot versus living. You also don't need to heroic leap as much in a Mythic+ fight as you would in a raid, so there's less value for Bounding Stride in a M+.

Fifth Row of Talents (Level 75)

Massacre makes our execute phases much better since it provides us with an insane amount of Enrage up-time during Execute phase by giving us free Rampages. Massacre also gives more power to the legendary pants, Valarjar Berserkers,  since it allows you to use Rampage for 100% of the fight, instead of just the first 80%. We won't be picking this talent specifically as Frothing Berserker is better, but we will be able to have this talent by equipping the legendary ring, Soul of the Battlelord.

Frothing Berserker is still the king of this talent row and should generally be picked for all situations because it works so well with the last talent, Reckless Abandon. The 15% buff that this talent provides is great for all types of encounters.

Carnage just doesn't provide enough of a damage boost to beat Frothing Berserker at the moment.

Sixth Row of Talents (Level 90)

Bloodbath is a great aoe pad talent that is made even more great if you have a Convergence of Fates trinket. Convergence of Fates essentially will change your Battle Cry cooldown to be somewhere around 30-35 seconds, allowing you to always pair up Bloodbath with Battle Cry. If the fight is just constantly AOE, and there is no need to hit Furious Slash or Raging Blow, then Bloodbath is the only talent that would increase your DPS. Now with Tier 21, Bloodbath is also the go to single target talent choice too.

Frenzy had some moments where it could try to compete back when we had tier 19 and you were using Furious Slash with higher priority during Execute phase. But since we are now using tier 21, this talent is relatively weak and lackluster.

Inner Rage was our bread and butter talent as Fury Warriors in Legion. It put a heavy emphasis to do as much damage as we can with Raging Blow, and the tier 20 set pieces, only work to increase the damage and effectiveness of using Raging Blows. Now with Tier 21, we no longer use Inner Rage. If you don't have Tier 21, this is still the go to talent for single target.

Seventh and Last Row of Talents (Level 100)

Bladestorm. Can someone remind me why Arms Warriors get this for free again? It's weak, and not worth it to take.

Reckless Abandon is your choice for everything. Battle Cry is our best cooldown, and being able to increase that by 2 seconds is wonderful. The 100 rage is also really good since it will also instantly proc Frothing Berserker.

Dragon Roar used to be great, but after getting nerfed from a 20% buff to only a 16% buff, and having Reckless Abandon  buffed at the same time, it's no longer used.


This is the basic single target talent set up with tier 21 and Bloodbath. This is what you should run for single target fights.


This is the basic full on aoe talent set up with Bloodbath. You don't really need Tier 21 to run this on aoe.


This is the basic Mythic+ talent set up with Bloodbath and Tier 21. You can change Wrecking Ball to Avatar if Tyrannical or if it's a dungeon with smaller packs/mini bosses (like Court of Stars).


This is the best talent setup for pure single target before having 4 piece tier 21. For when you can't proc War Machine in a fight.


As long as you can consistently proc War Machine, it is the best talent to take


For any consistent AOE fights where you also want to push a bit of boss damage with Raging Blows before you get tier 21.


This is the best Mythic+ grinding setup for most dungeons before you have tier 21, especially if you have the whirlwind belt. This will be your go to for every key that is less than 10+, and also any Fortified keys.


For those high Tyrannical Mythic+ runs or if you don't have the legendary whirlwind belt or tier 21 yet.