Warrior Legendary Ring For Patch 7.2.5 PTR: Soul Of The Battlelord

A new build was added onto the PTR today (Build #24116) and the specifics for the new Warrior Legendary ring was released: Soul of the Battlelord. For Fury Warriors, this ring gives us the talent Carnage from our level 75 row of talents. If no other changes go on to accompany this legendary in patch 7.2.5, I think Blizzard made a mistake in not having the ring give Frothing Berserker as the talent from the ring. The reason why this is the case is that there is ZERO synergy between taking Carnage and Massacre since one reduces the cost of rampage while the other makes it free.

If you were to take Carnage and Massacre, the entire benefit of Carnage is completely lost during Execute phase, and the entire benefit of Massacre is completely lost in the other 80% of the fight if you are not using Ayala's Stone Heart. You are essentially forced to take Frothing Berserker with the ring since it is by far the better talent than Massacre and actually does work with Carnage since Frothing Berserker works in all phases of the fight (even during execute due to Reckless Abandon causing you to generate 100 rage and proccing Frothing Berserker).

The reason why Frothing Berserker would have been the better talent here is because then the player will get to make a decision to either take Massacre or Carnage based on the encounter and how important execute phase is. By giving us the best talent in the row, we don't have a clear winner in what the second talent in the row would be and this could have also opened up a scenario in which the execute ring is viable again.

It could be argued that Frothing Berserker "forces" a play style because it changes the mechanic of how Fury Warriors spend rage in that we are always going to build to 100 rage before using Rampage (outside of Execute phase), but I think this is a null point because if Carnage remains the talent on the ring, everyone is just going to take Frothing Berserker anyways since it is the clear winner and the best talent choice on that row regardless of the ring. Just take a gander at warcraftlogs and check out how every warrior is using Frothing Berserker currently. This would bring back some of that "player choice" in allowing us to pick Massacre or Carnage based on our needs for an encounter.

Hope you guys enjoyed my first blog and look into the new legendary that just hit the PTR. We still have time to get our voices heard before Patch 7.2.5 drops!

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In case you wanted to hear me ramble on more about this. Check out my video below on it too!