Fury Warrior Changes on the PTR

A new build has just launched on the PTR for Patch 7.2.5!

We finally have some Fury Warrior changes to talk about, and it's generally good! MMO-champion has compiled a good list of all of the changes in this build. Check out their page as I go over the changes and my thoughts on them.

Draught of Souls

The Draught of Souls nerf has indeed made it it onto this build. Check out the video for my thoughts on the DoS 40% nerf, but essentially, this only comes out to be a 3% overall damage nerf for single target fight (and even less of a nerf for aoe).

Soul of the Battlelord Legendary Ring

The previous blog post talked about Soul of the Battlelord legendary ring. Blizzard has updated the ring to now give Massacre and updated the secondaries that we get. The ring now gives 641 crit, 855 haste, and 1068 mastery at ilvl 940! A huge improvement to both the talent that it gives, and the stats that are on the ring. We didn't get Frothing Berserker like I had hoped, but Massacre definitely does alleviate some concern I had about our execute phase if we end up not using any gear from Tier 19. The only concern here for execute phase is how little interaction there is between Massacre and Tier 20, both the 2 piece bonus and 4 piece bonus. The ring wants use to only use Rampage and Execute, while tier 20 only buffs Bloodthirst and Raging Blow.


We're going to generate so much rage, you're going to be so sick and tired of generating rage. You're going to come to me and go "Please, please, we're rage capped." You'll say "Please, Kelade, we beg you sir, we don't want more rage. It's too much. It's not fair to the other specs." And I'm going to say "I'm sorry, but we're going to keep generating, generating, generating rage." We're going to make Fury Warriors Great Again. #MFWGA

Juggernaut Duration Increase

Speaking of executes. Our Juggernaut has been changed to be 8 seconds instead of 6 on the PTR! I would have preferred a bit longer of a buff, but at this point, I'll take any quality of life changes to Juggernaut that I can get! This will help a little bit so you can deal with any mechanics that force you off the boss and attempt to get back to the boss in time. 8 seconds, could still be too short for some fights, but it's better than nothing!

Another Legendary?!

A new legendary for Fury Warriors called Valarjar Berserkers which causes Rampage critical strikes to generate 6 Rage, each. So since Rampage hits 5 times, if all 5 hits crit, you just got 30 extra rage. This can lead to some pretty bonkers Battle Cry windows, especially if we end up not using Draught of Souls anymore. There's potential to cast 3 rampages during BC depending on what your other legendary ends up being (helm+pants can have some crazy Rage generation). These pants also synergize very well with the new legendary ring from above since you're going to be getting free rampage casts during execute phase that can also give you an extra 6-30 Rage.

Frenzy and Overall Damage Buff

The Frenzy talent has been buffed to last 15 seconds now instead of 10. We're still very likely to use Inner Rage however.

All of our abilities saw a 5% increase on the PTR. Looking at the changes on MMO champ, it looks like the buff was 10%, but that should just be because we already had a 5% buff from a previous patch and they never took off the previous 5% buff. So for now, it's still just a 5% buff on the damage of our abilities (when compared to Live damage numbers).


Overall, these changes adds more legendary choice and diversity into the mix. The pants can actually dethrone our helm as "Bis" legendary, and the new Legendary ring can work very well with different aspects of our kit/legendaries. The 5% damage buff in conjunction with the 40% Draught of Souls nerf doesn't really change our power much, so we are still looking very good for Patch 7.2.5.