Spell Changes

Battle for Azeroth Fury Warrior Changes as of May 25th 2018

Blizzard has finally started adding a bunch of changes to Fury Warriors on the Battle for Azeroth (BfA) beta! They are still in the middle of adding and changing abilities but they did outline their plans for the spec in a forum post. Let’s dig into that post here.


I can confirm that this is definitely the case as there are still talents like Inner Rage that literally have no effect on the beta atm. Be aware that some percentages we’ll see in a bit is different than what they were on the beta with the latest patch (May 24th patch).  

These 3 points were just a summary:

For the first point it seems that Blizzard basically wants us to constantly fall in and out of enrage.

For the second point, they’re talking about the infamous global cooldown changes that every dislikes. (They don’t convince me at all that what they’re doing makes sense). Currently on the beta, both Recklessness and Avatar have the exact same cooldown at 1.5min. They say that they want to reduce cooldown stacking and then they go ahead and put 2 of our CDs on the exact same CD???!!! Hello?

For the third point, okay cool. 


Enrage is being changed to give us 25% haste instead of 100% attack speed! It’s hard to tell the exact impact in terms of dps since our autoattacks seems to be doing more in BFA than in legion. What I can say however (after doing a few dungeons) is that it currently feels very clunky to get enraged and then lose enrage because 25% haste has significant impacts to our ability cooldowns. Yes, it feels great when you first enrage and suddenly your GCDs and cooldowns are much shorter, but when you lose the haste and suddenly the cooldown of a spell increases, it really disturbs the flow of dps. A spell that is generally up every 3rd GCD can get pushed back to a 4th GCD.  

We no longer take extra damage from being enraged! Wooooo! Warpaint now reduces damage by 10% when we’re enraged. We are going to lose our huge hp pool, but we will still have the highest hp for all dps. We could go from the spec that takes the most damage to the one that ends up taking the least.

60% enrage uptime is really low actually. That's basically 4 seconds of enrage, 2 seconds of no enrage, and 4 seconds of enrage. If we can't easily chain enrage together, and we constantly gain and lose the 25% haste buff, then we have to experience the weird spell cooldown change way too frequently. Looks like we're going to be casting Rampage a lot. Hopefully Blizzard takes a look at the ability and realizes that it works differently than other other abilities and the damage/GCD aspect of Rampage is a bit off. A lower enrage uptime would also mean that our stats would lean towards versatility over mastery.


The Raging Blow change is pretty big and it now generates even more rage than Bloodthirst! Of course this means the Inner Rage talent will have to be changed since our RBs are now on a charge system instead of a cooldown. I'm not sure what they mean by "any notable changes" to Bloodthirst. That spell got a pretty significant change in that it's no longer crits that enrage you. That is huge for changing up our stat priority. Also, we are just as likely to hit an extra Raging Blow in the new system, so I have no idea what that last bullet point is alluding to.

I do like moving Raging Blow to a charge system. It allows Blizzard to rework Inner Rage and allow us more choice in that tier of talents. I'm not sure what they mean by Raging Blow colliding with Bloodthirst cooldown, you just use it one after the other, I'm not sure anyone cared about this. The 20% to reset itself is interesting (currently on the beta, it's 25%) and works to allow us to hit Furious Slash even less.


Any extra damage and rage generation from Furious Slash is nice, though our goal throughout Legion has been to press as little Furious Slashes as possible. For example, in this Felhounds fight (2:45 min), I only hit Furious Slash 8 times.

So looks like it's RIP Furious Slash. I guess it'll make guides easier to write since there's 1 less spell to worry about but I don't think anyone really disliked Furious Slash. It will always be weird for me to hit an aoe ability for single target, but it looks to be the direction that Blizzard wants to go. We already saw this take for for arms dps in Legion.

Whirlwind generating rage is also a huge point and is actually more important than losing Furious Slash. One of the issues with Fury currently in Legion is our slow rage generating while AOEing. This would greatly solve that and will drastically help with our enrage uptimes during AOE.


THIS IS CRAZY. WE CAN NOW MEAT CLEAVER EXECUTES. This can be potentially a huge buff to our aoe dps. We're going to be the king for 5 target dps. Now of course, a target needs to be in execute range first before you can cleave it, but it's still a really nice change.

There of course still isn't Juggernaut on the beta and with Execute moving to a 6 second base cooldown, it looks to be the death of Juggernaut. Don't be too worried right now about the 6 second cooldown. It's only a base cooldown, which means that it'll get better with higher haste. Right now I can get it to around 2.8 seconds cooldown on the beta when I get enraged. Making Execute generate rage will also help our enrage issues while in execute phase.


NOOO OUR BATTLE CRY. We no longer get 100% crit chance while using BC or Recklessness as it's now called. Fuck arms, I want 100% crit as Fury too. This is pretty huge in regards to our burst potential. We will have to see significant tuning to our non-Recklessness damage to make up for this.

I think they're talking about how we can generate rage so quickly now, especially during Recklessness and that we have such a huge spender. Cool I guess. I'm still salty we can't 100% crit anymore.


Fury Warrior Execute Changes on Patch 7.3 PTR

Execute damage is being changed to 800% weapon damage instead of 666% weapon damage, essentially a 20% damage increase to the Execute ability itself.

Juggernaut however is being nerfed to compensate, so instead of giving us 5% more Execute damage per stack, it will now give us 3% Execute damage per stack.

This means that we will do more damage at the start of execute phase, but our damage ceiling has been lowered.

To break down how some of the damage changes, at 15 stacks, the PTR Executes will do less than Live per Execute. At 28 stacks, the PTR Executes will do less than Live in total Execute damage done. So essentially, if you are hitting less than 28 Executes in a fight, the new values on the PTR will benefit you. If you are hitting more than 28 Executes in a fight (and you don’t drop Juggernaut stacks of course), the new values on the PTR will hurt your dps. There can of course be slight variances in how your dps might shift based on when you use Battle Cry during Execute, but let’s just focus on the average Execute damage.

To give you guys some perspective, I am generally getting to somewhere between 30-40 juggernaut stacks on a Tomb of Sargeras Mythic boss fight. There are also fights where I get between 40-50 stacks consistently without cheesing anything, and there are also fights where I can get over 50 juggernaut stacks if my raid starts dying and we lose dps.

In my opinion, this is a slight nerf to Fury Warrior Execute, and it comes at a weird time, especially since the potential Convergence of Fates nerf would also bring down our execute damage. I think this change also addresses the wrong issue of Juggernaut. I’m perfectly fine with the cost and reward structure of Juggernaut essentially being a safer version of Surrender to Madness. Players who can execute it well, will be rewarded. This change to our Execute just seems like a lazy way of trying to bandage our Execute issue. Sure, it might feel less shitty to drop 10 stacks of Juggernaut, but it also feels less great when you’re reaching 30 stacks of the buff now.

If Blizzard wants to make this change however, I would heavily suggest having Juggernaut be 4% more Execute damage per stack instead of the proposed 3%. Yes, this might seem like a slight increase in dps to Fury Warrior Execute, but I think it would greatly help to off-set the loss in dps Fury Warriors will see once Convergence of Fates is nerfed.

I do want to also note that this change for Execute on the PTR technically helps to increase the value of Ayala’s Stone Heart, but it should still lose out to the legendary Helm, Pants, or Massacre Ring.