Fury Warrior Execute Changes on Patch 7.3 PTR

Execute damage is being changed to 800% weapon damage instead of 666% weapon damage, essentially a 20% damage increase to the Execute ability itself.

Juggernaut however is being nerfed to compensate, so instead of giving us 5% more Execute damage per stack, it will now give us 3% Execute damage per stack.

This means that we will do more damage at the start of execute phase, but our damage ceiling has been lowered.

To break down how some of the damage changes, at 15 stacks, the PTR Executes will do less than Live per Execute. At 28 stacks, the PTR Executes will do less than Live in total Execute damage done. So essentially, if you are hitting less than 28 Executes in a fight, the new values on the PTR will benefit you. If you are hitting more than 28 Executes in a fight (and you don’t drop Juggernaut stacks of course), the new values on the PTR will hurt your dps. There can of course be slight variances in how your dps might shift based on when you use Battle Cry during Execute, but let’s just focus on the average Execute damage.

To give you guys some perspective, I am generally getting to somewhere between 30-40 juggernaut stacks on a Tomb of Sargeras Mythic boss fight. There are also fights where I get between 40-50 stacks consistently without cheesing anything, and there are also fights where I can get over 50 juggernaut stacks if my raid starts dying and we lose dps.

In my opinion, this is a slight nerf to Fury Warrior Execute, and it comes at a weird time, especially since the potential Convergence of Fates nerf would also bring down our execute damage. I think this change also addresses the wrong issue of Juggernaut. I’m perfectly fine with the cost and reward structure of Juggernaut essentially being a safer version of Surrender to Madness. Players who can execute it well, will be rewarded. This change to our Execute just seems like a lazy way of trying to bandage our Execute issue. Sure, it might feel less shitty to drop 10 stacks of Juggernaut, but it also feels less great when you’re reaching 30 stacks of the buff now.

If Blizzard wants to make this change however, I would heavily suggest having Juggernaut be 4% more Execute damage per stack instead of the proposed 3%. Yes, this might seem like a slight increase in dps to Fury Warrior Execute, but I think it would greatly help to off-set the loss in dps Fury Warriors will see once Convergence of Fates is nerfed.

I do want to also note that this change for Execute on the PTR technically helps to increase the value of Ayala’s Stone Heart, but it should still lose out to the legendary Helm, Pants, or Massacre Ring.