Overview - Patch 8.0 Fury Warrior Guide

Patch 8.0 of the transition between Legion and Battle for Azeroth is here! While we're still at level 110 and wearing legion gear, this quick guide should help you with everything you need..

Fury Warrior changes in Patch 8.0 between Legion and Battle for Azeroth. Going over abilities and talents that have been added, removed, and changed. Watch this first if you haven’t seen the changes.

Guide for Fury Warrior DPS in Patch 8.0 of Battle for Azeroth. This is for level 110 characters and is the video form of this guide.

Gear, Gems, Enchants and Stats

Since this guide is focused on what you should do right now in Patch 8.0 (level 110), you'll be wearing Legion gear, and that has a pretty big impact on everything. The best gear will be to wear Tier 21, along with the legendary helmet, Ceann-Ar Charger, the legendary pants, Valarjar Berserkers, and the trinkets Seeping Scourgewing and Khaz'goroth's Courage. Tier 21 4pc bonus is actually changed from 25% increased Rampage damage during Battle Cry to just a flat 15% increased Rampage damage at all times (it's basically just a second Carnage talent).

The rest of our gear will just be mainly focused on getting Crit and Haste. There's 2 reasons why Crit is actually useful and is likely to be the highest weighted stat for every Fury Warrior:

  1. We no longer have Battle Cry giving us 100% crit, so there's no longer anytime within a fight where our crit stat becomes useless. Crit just becomes a damage multiplier.
  2. Our legendary pants will no longer have the guaranteed crit during Battle Cry (or Recklessness now). So gearing for crit is pretty important to make sure that our legendary pants is actually getting it's use.

Overall, our stat weights will be pretty close, though mastery seems to be lagging very slightly behind the others. Also note that Crit is a bit inflated due to the pants so when level 116 comes around and your legendaries lose their effects, you'll see the value of crit drop a little. Crit will also seem very high since we've been neglecting it so much during Legion, so if you've been hording crit gear all this time, it's finally paying off!

For Gems and Enchants, you'll most likely be using crit and will still be using Mark of the Hidden Satyr as the neck enchant.


Talents is pretty simple for Patch 8.0 since so much of it relies on Carnage buffing your Rampage damage even more and the goal really is to just generate as much rage as you can so you can use as many Rampages as possible. Here's what you would pick for Single Target:

  • Level 15 row - Endless Rage just gives you more rage when you enrage, so it's like a mini legendary helm.
  • Level 30 row - it doesn't really matter what you pick though most people pick Double Time here for more up-time on targets in case there's movement.
  • Level 45 row - Sudden Death provides a nice boost of damage and really helps with rage generation and should be the talent that is picked right now at level 110. It is possible that Furious Slash makes a comeback at level 120 when we're under-geared and have low haste.
  • Level 60 row - It's generally the player's choice between Bounding Stride and Warpaint. It's basically more mobility or less damage taken.
  • Level 75 row - Carnage 100% with the gear mentioned above. The percent of your damage that will come from Rampages is insane with this build.
  • Level 90 row - Dragon Roar provides a nice alternative and an additional button to hit so you can avoid casting whirlwinds in a fight.
  • Level 100 row - Anger Management works really well with this playstyle as Recklessness allows you to cast an insane amount of Rampages in a short window. You basically end up casting Rampage, x ability, Rampage, x ability, Rampage, x ability, etc...

For AOE, you could actually use this exact set up and you'll done just fine, especially if you're doing consistent aoe cleave. If you're going for more aoe burst such as doing huge pulls in a Mythic+, then Bladestorm and Siegebreaker are viable options and you can even mix and match those with Dragon Roar and Anger Management. War Machine could also be used in a Mythic+ setting and the more little ads there are, the more you can lean towards taking it over Endless Rage.

Rotation and Spell Priority

With the setup above, the priority is super simple. If you have the rage to use Rampage, use it, if not, use one of our good rage generating abilities, and if none of that is available, use Whirlwind. As far as for when to use Recklessness, you can use it when you have it ASAP, or you can wait until you have enough rage to start it off with a Rampage. The sim dps between the two options doesn't matter too much. So if you want to use it as much as you can to hopefully squeeze out an additional Recklessness, then just use the cooldown ASAP (of course, you might not want to use it if the only spell you have to use is Whirlwind). As far as for the good rage generating abilities (Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, and Dragon Roar), it doesn't matter too much which order you hit them, they all sim pretty close, though there are a few rules you can follow so it's not so wild. If you're in a situation where you're trying to generate rage, you can follow this priority:

  • Use Raging Blow if you have 2 charges of Raging Blow Available
  • Use Bloodthirst if not enraged
  • Use Dragon Roar if Enraged
  • Use Raging Blow
  • Use Bloodthirst

So a sample priority would look something like this (I'm grouping the previous priority together as "Generate Rage"):

  1. Rampage if not enraged
  2. Execute if it won't put you beyond 100 rage
  3. Generate Rage if the ability won't put you beyond 100 rage
  4. Rampage
  5. Whirlwind


Hopefully this is helpful for you guys as you prepare for Battle for Azeroth!