Overview - Patch 8.2 Fury Warrior Guide

Patch 8.2 and the new raid The Eternal Palace is here! This page will be a summary of the longer guide and contain everything you need to start doing top dps as a Fury Warrior.

Gear, Gems, Enchants and Stats

Now that that ilevel cap has been increased for patch 8.2 and we are able to put on gear with more stats. We can start seeing other stats such as Mastery rise up in value since we are reaching a point where our haste is high enough to help us stay Enraged longer. Haste and Mastery will always synergize with each other as Haste will increase your Enrage uptime while Mastery will increase your damage done while Enraged.

With the introduction of the new azerite trait, Cold Steel Hot Blood, the value of Crit will also increase to about the same levels as Haste and Mastery if you have this trait.

Depending on how much of a secondary stat you have on your character and what type of trinkets you currently have equipped. the values of Haste, Mastery, and Crit will hover around similar values and whichever one you’re lacking will likely be more heavily weighted at anytime, but in general they’ll be similar in weight (if you have Cold Steel Hot Blood). This just leaves Versatility as the lowest value stat. It’s okay if you have a couple of pieces with Versatility on it, but you do want to prioritize the other three whenever you can. If you don’t want to keep re-gemming your gear and re-enchanting it every time your stat weights change, it’s usually safest to just use a Haste enchant (Pact of Haste) and Haste gem (Quick Owlseye). For your weapon, you can either use the Haste enchant plus either the Mastery or Crit enchant, which ever stat you have less of.

If you don’t have Cold Steel Hot Blood however, then the value of Crit drops to around where Versatility is, and sometimes even lower than that.

This is just looking at gear from the raid!

For Azerite pieces, you want to have one Unbridled Ferocity, one Simmering Rage, one Cold Steel Hot Blood, and then preferably 3 Reckless Flurry traits. A mixture of Treacherous Covenant, Blightborne Infusion, Rezan’s Fury, and even a couple of more Cold Steel Hot Bloods are okay substitutes if you can’t get the dream combination in the previous sentence. Though if you have another close option available, I would stay away from Treacherous Covenant for now, since it’s not great for progression raiding where you might take more damage than if you know the fight super well and can avoid as much damage as possible. The absolute more important thing for the first ring of azerite traits is to have one Unbridled Ferocity. That is the single highest dps trait by a mile.

For the 3rd ring of Azerite traits, Overwhelming Power is still king. Nothing even comes close to it. A lot of times if a piece of gear has Overwhelming Power but it doesn’t have one of the good traits mentioned above in a ring, it could still be better just because of Overwhelming Power alone. For example, the engineering crafted helm is just slightly better than all of the helmets from the new raid just because it has Overwhelming Power despite the weak 2nd ring on the piece.

For Trinkets, the best one out there is Syringe of Bloodborne Infirmity from the previous raid (when comparing all trinkets of equal ilevel), but there will be a point where it drops off since no one is really running Uldir anymore. As far as for what is realistically the best trinkets, it’ll most likely be trinkets from M+. Gore-Crusted Butcher’s Block from Waycrest Manor and Rezan’s Gleaming Eye from Atal’Dazar are the trinkets you want to be farming for. There is an honorable mention for the Everchill Anchor that drops from Jaina in the new raid that is really good in AOE, and it’s insanely good in M+ especially when you do 10+ keys and have to deal with Reaping. Just hit whirlwind and you apply a stack of the trinket to everyone.


Talents is pretty simple for Patch 8.2 since so much of it relies on Carnage buffing your Rampage damage even more and the goal really is to just generate as much rage as you can so you can use as many Rampages as possible. Here's what you would pick for Single Target:

  • Level 15 row - Endless Rage just gives you more rage when you Enrage.

  • Level 30 row - Double Time allows you to have more up-time on targets in case there’s movement. Charging when you’re low on rage is actually a dps increase now, so definitely pick this for raiding.

  • Level 45 row - Sudden Death provides a nice boost of damage and really helps with rage generation. We also finally have enough Haste on our gear that Sudden Death even beats Furious Slash on sims now.

  • Level 60 row - It's generally the player's choice between Bounding Stride and Warpaint. It's basically more mobility or less damage taken.

  • Level 75 row - Carnage 100%. Rampage is our highest source of damage and this greatly improves that.

  • Level 90 row - Dragon Roar provides a nice alternative and an additional button to hit so you can avoid casting whirlwinds in a fight (still make sure to cast whirlwind if you have nothing else though).

  • Level 100 row - Siegebreaker is too strong at the moment to go for the other ones.

For AOE, you could actually use this exact set up and you'll done just fine, especially if you're doing consistent aoe cleave. If you're going for more aoe burst such as doing huge pulls in a Mythic+, then Bladestorm is a viable option and is especially good on reaping. If you want to do over 100k burst dps, it’s going to be from Bladestorming all of the reaping adds. War Machine could also be used in a Mythic+ setting and the more little ads there are, the more you can lean towards taking it over Endless Rage.

Rotation and Spell Priority

With the setup above, the priority is super simple. If you have the rage to use Rampage, use it, if not, use one of our good rage generating abilities, and if none of that is available, use Whirlwind. As far as for when to use Recklessness and or Siegebreaker, you can use them when you have it ASAP assuming there isn’t a mechanic that would force you to be unable to dps. The 2 cooldowns will become descyned throughout the course of a fight and unless it’s only a few seconds apart, you can just used them on cooldown. If you do have both up, you always want to press Recklessness first before Seigebreaker. As far as for the good rage generating abilities (Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, and Dragon Roar), it doesn't matter too much which order you hit them, they all sim pretty close, though there are a few rules you can follow so it's not so wild. Here is the priority you would use:

  1. Rampage if not Enraged or if you already have 90 rage

  2. Execute

  3. Bloodthirst if not Enraged or if you have Cold Steel Hot Blood azerite trait

  4. Raging Blow if you have 2 charges of Raging Blow Available

  5. Dragon Roar if Enraged

  6. Bloodthirst

  7. Raging Blow

  8. Whirlwind

Hopefully this is helpful for you guys!